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52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 1700W With 48 Earth Auger Digging Engine

52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 1700W With 48 Earth Auger Digging Engine

52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 1700W With 48 Earth Auger Digging Engine

Technical details: Engine: Single Cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled. 2 Cast steel drills : 4"and 8". Power:1.7KW/8500rpm Carburetor with pump. Easy starting system (cord starter).

Change bits quickly and easily. The Earth Auger has a straight-through gearbox, unlike models with a side-mounted engine, the straight-through design is much more robust and less likely to shear gears. With this tool, you will be able to perform professional quality work. 52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 1700W With 4"8" Earth Auger Digging Engine. Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger 52cc Digging Machine with 2 Drill Bits.

The Earth Auger has a straight-through. Gearbox, unlike models with a. Design is much more robust and. Less likely to shear gears.

You will be able to perform. Two different sizes of drill bits help you work professionally. Drill bits of different specifications are suitable for use in different environments, and installation and disassembly are also very convenient. Equipped with a 52cc gasoline engine.

The auger can be handled by one or two people easily for a wide variety of tasks; Ergonomically designed, it is accurate. Easy to use, and economical.

This is a better configuration of power. Than other listings that you can see.

Although all are 52cc, the performance. Is faster and torque is better, the engine. Pipe, that is, one more spiral leaf, faster.

Soil lifting, faster work efficiency. Due to the large size of the product. It will be delivered in two packages. Please wait patiently for the arrival. Bits of 4", 8", extension Bar: 12.

The auger can drill holes of various diameters. Please remember to close the air door and then pull the starter (don't forget this step, otherwise you will not be able to ignite when you deadlift). Pull the rope starter 3-5 times, the total length of the rope is 70cm, and the safety distance is 30-50cm. If the safety distance is exceeded, the rope will be broken, not the longer the rope is, the better.

After the start is successful, remember to open the damper not to pull the starter when opening the damper. When the damper is opened, too much air enters and there is too little oxygen, it is difficult to start, so pull the starter when the damper is closed.

After the machine starts successfully, open the damper. Pulling the starter to the end of 70cm will break the rope; the safety distance is 30-50cm, and pulling the rope hard will cause the rope to break.

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52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 1700W With 48 Earth Auger Digging Engine